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BarcaUniversal is an independent, unofficial news platform, established in July 2017. As the biggest Barça fans out there, we decided to set up a Twitter feed that would contain every news related to FC Barcelona. We knew from the beginning that Barça fans are all around the world, so the interest was huge, as expected. It didn’t take us a long time to notice that the demand for news, quotes, stats, wallpapers; basically, anything you would think of related to FC Barcelona was much more than we could supply, so we decided to expand our team. With an expanded team, we started to tweet regularly and followed everything closer than ever. The support from Culés around the globe was what kept us motivated all the time.

Four months later, we decided to re-brand ourselves. We changed our design and took things a step further. We started on Instagram in January 2018. One year long, we continued to create content on Twitter and Instagram. The numbers grew, the content got better, the team was perfectly in shape, our motivation was on the peak, but surely something was missing..

In February 2019, we decided to create a website. We were on Twitter, on Instagram, but we had to be on the web as well. Our opinions were longer than just 280 characters, and we wanted to be well organized.  After three months of research and dedication, in May 2019, we successfully launched our website.  In September 2019, we completely refreshed our website lay-out.

On the website, we offer daily articles all around the club. We have several sections, such a Matches, Team/Player Analysis, Opinions, La Masia, Historic, Barça Basket, Barça Femeni, Quotes, and much more.

Currently, our team consists of about 30 contributors. With this size, we have been able to work on about 7 articles every day. Primarily, we want to ensure that we always cover match previews, reviews, and analysis for every game.

As always, we will continue to be active on Twitter to bring you the latest updates regarding the club we all love – and in the meantime, we will work as hard as possible to create daily exclusive content on our website.

Our Social Media channels:
@BarcaUniversal, Barça A team coverage
@BUlamasia, La Masia coverage
@femeniBU, Barça Femení coverage

“Visca Barça y Visca Catalunya”
– The Barca Universal team